Solutions for Missing e Users and Users Unhappy with the Tumblr Update

I’m sure everyone who uses missing e has realized that it has yet to update in response to the new tumblr site wide system update which many of us loathe.

But do not despair, my fellow missing e users! There are some temporary solutions to our woes.

The main one solution that I recommend and am currently using is switching to xkit for the time being. I know it will take some getting used to but it is basically like missing e for the most part and it has updated in order to work with the new tumblr.  It also incorporates a blacklist like tumblr savior for those of you who are still having issues with that extension.

For those that do not want to lose particular missing e features, you can keep it enabled and it will work alongside xkit for the most part but there are some features, such as the mass post editor, that will not work because the extensions interfere with one another concerning those features.

I also have the solution to the inability to publish asks with missing e enabled.
You must go to missing e settings and go to social features. From there, uncheck  'add extra post options when answering messages'. While it is annoying to lose the ability to tag asks, you can go back and edit the tags.

I have not forgot the users I have reached with my past post either.

For those who want to change back to the old layout, there is an extension called 'User Agent Switcher' that, from what I gather, convinces the websites you visit that you are using another browser. Both firefox and chrome can download this extension. Most of the posts I have seen have made it seem like chrome is the only browser with the extension but that is not true.
Once you down load the extension, have it switch the user agent to Internet Explorer 8 or 9 depending on your browser. You will have the old layout and therefore separate reblog and post pages again.

Fair warning for those that use this last method: UAS will not work fully with missing e. You will have one click reblog again but not the drop down menu that used to accompany it will not be there. This is a pain considering it makes quick queueing and adding tags and commentary quickly but you do gain back one click reblogs.

This is probably not the extent of solutions to the issues we’ve been having with the site post-update but they are some of the top ones I have seen and used myself. I am currently using xkit and trying to get it to my liking until I can switch back to missing e. I tried UAS but it just wasn’t working out to well for me.

I’m sure we’ll make it through the issues we’ve been having with tumblr. It’ll just take some time. So be patient and I hope some of the options I’ve provided help some of you guys in the meantime.

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