To Those Who Have and Don’t Have the Update but are Hearing about It

What I am hearing, and this is only a rumour from what I can tell thus far, the new update is in beta test. That test being pushed onto some users but not all without their consent. That pisses me off but is beside the point for right now.

To the tumblr staff,

I am unhappy with this new layout. This is a blogging site and the twitter -like pop-up style reblog/post boxes aren’t a right feel for such a site. I’m on here because it isn’t twitter, or facebook, or google+ or any other similar site. I’m not looking for streamlining in my blogging experience on here. I’m looking for a site that can meet my needs as a blogging platform. Not another social networking site.

I like being able to go to another page and add my thoughts in length. I don’t like having my and others’ words cut off when I reblog.

I absolute hate losing my place on my dash because I got booted to the top because I reblogged a post. What is the point of endless scrolling if this happens? That’s why I like being directed to another page when I reblog something. I can go straight back to where I was at on my dashboard and keep going. This new ‘feature’ take me out of my blogging experience like nothing else.

I hate that I need to memorize my tags now. Some of them are decently long. The auto-remember feature of the tags system was very helpful in that regard. I liked that.

Overall, I am just really unhappy with the update and think you guys need to rethink it and reverse it till you get it to a point where users actually like it. And next time, make beta testing optional. Having it forced on me did not do you guys any favors. It just pissed me off.

Also, maybe try fixing stuff that needs fixed or adding features we want. Maybe add the features that make missing e and xkit so attractive to the actual site. Then we wouldn’t have a need for the third-party plugins and extensions.

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